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Eva Lovia
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Added on: 2017-12-10 Video Thumbnail Views 16400 Duration 3:59 Horny Eva Lovia fucks her Boss at his Desk
Added on: 2017-10-09 Video Thumbnail Views 14498 Duration 3:02 Sexy Eva Lovia slips off Panties and rubs her self
Added on: 2017-09-29 Video Thumbnail Views 8802 Duration 8:31 Horny Eva Lovia getting her tasty Pussy pleased
Added on: 2017-09-16 Video Thumbnail Views 20713 Duration 10:09 Sexy Stunner Eva Lovia gets nailed in the Kitchen
Added on: 2017-09-01 Video Thumbnail Views 9257 Duration 7:22 Hot Eva Lovia knows how to satisfy an aroused Man
Added on: 2017-08-17 Video Thumbnail Views 8358 Duration 4:31 Eva Lovia blows a Prick and has her Twat dicked
Added on: 2017-06-25 Video Thumbnail Views 19319 Duration 4:44 Eva Lovia gets pounded hard with a massive Member
Added on: 2017-05-31 Video Thumbnail Views 26597 Duration 2:04 Big Butt Babe Eva Lovia loves doing Ass-to-Mouth
Added on: 2017-04-24 Video Thumbnail Views 29164 Duration 5:05 Horny Slut Eva Lovia plays with a thick Pecker
Added on: 2016-12-19 Video Thumbnail Views 33934 Duration 2:15 Hottie Eva Lovia enjoys hard drilling from behind
Added on: 2016-09-16 Video Thumbnail Views 53601 Duration 10:14 Sexy Eva Lovia gets Massage and tries a large Dong
Added on: 2015-11-13 Video Thumbnail Views 17510 Duration 4:54 Hot Eva Lovia has some lesbian Fun in the Bathroom
Added on: 2015-09-19 Video Thumbnail Views 64029 Duration 4:59 Cock hungry Eva Lovia seduces and screws her Man
Added on: 2015-09-07 Video Thumbnail Views 53358 Duration 4:11 Eva Lovia wears her sexy Lingerie while riding Rod
Added on: 2015-07-28 Video Thumbnail Views 59706 Duration 10:01 Eva Lovia plays with herself before passionate Sex
Added on: 2015-04-12 Video Thumbnail Views 62253 Duration 16:13 Lovely Eva Lovia bounces on Meat Pole in the Club
Added on: 2015-03-03 Video Thumbnail Views 40058 Duration 8:36 Eva Lovia and her sexy Friend having three way Sex
Added on: 2015-01-13 Video Thumbnail Views 75500 Duration 13:56 Hot Eva Lovia and a sexy Milf share a hard Pecker
Added on: 2014-12-16 Video Thumbnail Views 72757 Duration 13:32 Eva Lovia gives Blowjob before riding a long Penis
Added on: 2014-11-25 Video Thumbnail Views 118788 Duration 16:58 Eva Lovia fills her Mouth with Dong and bangs hard
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Latest Babe Comments (Showing 108 of 108 comments)

WilZmc 2018-01-23
Why oh why, she had such a great body...
FuzzyXNuts93 2018-01-06
She's got fake tits now. She's now a 32DD
Wood Dragon 2018-01-04
In her latest pics she looks different. Has she done shit to her face?
JohnAsh 2017-09-22
Apologies for the last post...I know she says on twitter she doesn't but Kingsley international have her escorting. I've just tried to book so I'll see what happens,...stiff at the thought!
JohnAsh 2017-08-26
?girlid=507 How cool is this! 2017-07-30
really one of the sexiest pornstars EVER
Fordred 2017-06-22
?? Go the the Temple of Iron. ?? Stop watching porn. ?? Behead those who insult Varg Vikernes. ?? Stay disciplined. ?? Eat spinach everyday to hit your micronutrients.?
mazy007 2017-06-18
at last she doing anal sex i like she doing DP and interical anal
Danoof 2017-05-18
Thank you, SavageVandal. I've been saying the same thing for years now. Color shouldn't matter, but unfortunately, it does to some people. That will never change.
natureboy88 2017-05-11
Cute girl, too bad she has accepted the blacked tattoo on her forehead.
SavageVandal 2017-05-02
Mom fucks son/SEXY, girl goes black your grossed out??? you may want to seek professional help for your issues!
SavageVandal 2017-05-02
I find it funny how some people who are into some REALLY twisted fantasies & fetishes i.e. incest,prolapse, gaping, splooging & a whole legion of others lose their FUCKING MINDS when a white girl fucks a black man!
Danoof 2017-02-28
Peace on earth? That might feel good.
reesie87 2017-02-23
Finally!!! Eva has discovered the wonderful act of sucking black cocks. There is nothing on earth better than the feel of a throbbing black dick in my mouth.
Fordred 2016-12-28
Pretty good. Stick with the vanilla dicks.
hangover_guy 2016-10-03
Eva Lovia No Longer With Digital Playground. I wonder if this means maybe we see her in IR, BLOW BANGS, GANG BANGS?
ikki1313 2016-08-05
Danoof 2016-07-03
Okay, Captain Miles Obvious. Thanks for letting us!
milesobrian 2016-05-20
This is one amazing and stunning woman! Enjoy her while we can gentlemen!
Panther1 2016-05-17
Plays the sweet seductress to perfection. Love to watch her come on to guys
cynicy3022 2016-04-17
I like her legs and ass, that's fucking sexy.
Devilinho 2016-04-14
She is natural 't change nothing-STOP fake tits and lips!!!
evergrace 2016-02-11
What a woman! Please someone make a cumshot compilation of her beautiful face.
Panther1 2016-02-10
Heard she will be doing her first anal shortly. Can't wait to see that
enlightened 2016-01-03
Looks like a hotter, naked, fucking, Schuyler Fisk
WildBrit 2015-11-24
Ha ha, this is not a waste! Listen all you needy beta boys, you don't own Eva's pussy - she does. The more you want to own her the less she wants to fuck you. But she'll always be fucking good non needy Alpha cock, even if you wife her up by some miracle.
robot53 2015-11-21
What a waste. Once she is done she won't have any guys that would want her except male pornstars. Nice one going HC. We'll see what she looks like in about 10 years.
TommyBaronio 2015-11-07
my favorite! she's perfect!
Panther1 2015-11-03
Omg her body is perfection
JayWalker88 2015-10-22
Still got that killer body though.
WanderingLost326 2015-10-06
It was bad enough that she went Hardcore, tne jet black hair job is overboard. Talk about ridiculous.
rijal4 2015-09-03
Eva is absolutely stunning and her natural body is perfect! She will be a top star in no time. For my taste there is no one finer than Eva and I would love to taste Eva...
harpeetb 2015-06-20
very very sexy. perfect body.
booyaka23 2015-06-14
Damn son, i want to fuck her tight asshole in space and let her catch my flying cumshot
booyaka23 2015-06-14
Damn son, i want to fuck her tight asshole in space and let her catch cumshot that is flying around
fliphedd7 2015-05-17
Gorgeous. Luscious. Fuckin' edible. I could go on and on with adjectives but, hey, you guys can see her pics too...
Panther1 2015-04-06
I literally could look at pics and vids of her all night. Wow.
ThatsTheName 2015-04-06
She probably is the prettiest actress in porn. Strange to see someone looking that good being part of it.
Panther1 2015-04-02
Gotta love southern belles turned southern whores. This SC chick is naughty and hot af
kjgm2 2015-03-29
The hair down there is half of what does it for me with Eva. Her incredible ass helps, too; But the pubic hair is king. The shaved look that's such a porn phenom is ok in limited doses; But that beautiful, well groomed bush is womanhood at it's finest.
Sammich 2015-03-26
She's going to be the next big thing!
WanderingLost326 2015-03-19
Hate that she's doing b/G. Wouldn't mind it if she continued to post solo or G/G set as well, but tired of the non-stop b/G sets. Considering un-following her
monsterhen 2015-03-14
Her boobs are perfect!
Lancelot1 2015-02-25
Hate that she started doing B/G scenes. She's way to beautiful for hardcore. I never wanted to see her take a hard dick unless it was mine.
pabloescobar392 2015-02-24
As I've aged, I've learned to love breasts like this more than the massive ones or the fake ones. This chick just makes me drool.
RicHandsome_1970 2015-02-17
Glad to see this beautiful South Carolina babe now doing hardcore.
IslandRicoSuave 2015-02-12
Seriously truly she my only prefect lady for me cause she my only Valentine
RATFACE 2015-02-08
This gal is just out about her recently when she did a B/G scene on NA that was so 't wait 'til Flash Brown or PY gets a hold of her on Blacked.
ICU99 2015-01-29
Spanky45, please tell me you are kidding? There goes another G/G legend ruined :( WHy can't they leave these beautiful girls alone?
Panther1 2015-01-21
For Soianger - why do they need to clear their conscience? There is nothing wrong with being a pornstar. In many ways they are more in control of their bodies than girls who feel ashamed to look at a guy. Just bc society says it doesn't mean it's wrong
Soianger 2014-12-21
Why do these girls do not think about the consequences of their actions , which they maybe ashamed of in the future , before come in porn ?
Soianger 2014-12-20
Jenna Presley, Linda Lovelace, Jessie Rogers, Nadia Styles, and many other porn stars talk about the devastating effects of porn on them. Drugs, abuse, misogyny, sexism ... Criticizing porn, they want to clear their conscience.
Soianger 2014-12-20
For Panther1. Girls say they like to fuck for money with the guys. After retiring from porn , they begin to speak about how the industry has exploited them as they became sex objects. It's funny to hear the ex pornstars begin to demonize this industry.
wunhunglo 2014-12-07
I hope she never decides to have any kind of plastic surgery. She is perfect just the way she is. A 12 out of 10
noguerol 2014-12-01
she is almost unreal..really superb !!
WanderingLost326 2014-12-01
I hope every new set of pics is NOT going to be hardcore. Hope we're still going to see solo sets or girl on girl sets as well.
ArthurTurner 2014-11-30
Lesbian porn is more moral? That's one of the most ridiculous things anyone has ever said on any board. It's porn. Period. Performers do it for peoples' entertainment and to make money. Who is anyone to judge?
Panther1 2014-11-27
The clip of her riding cock. Omfg. That's my dream
uchual 2014-11-25
I don't think anyone can say that g/g is more moral than other forms of porn. The ethical ground for such statement is shaky, at least. If you enjoy porn, you are at the right site. If not, get the hell out.
Shyvana 2014-11-22
@Panther1 lesbian porn, g/g, is moral. This is the point.
Panther1 2014-11-22
Everyone has their opinion on it. Some might say g/g is less moral. Either way it's still making money to have sex and I'm not sure there are morals in that but I sure enjoy watching it
Panther1 2014-11-22
Everyone has their own opinion. Some might say g/g is less moral. Either way it's getting paid money for having sex. Not sure morals are included in that but I enjoy watching it
Panther1 2014-11-20
Morality in porn? Lmao. Please. Let's be honest porn girls are not filled with morals and I for one and damn glad they aren't. Can't wait to watch Eva get fucked
Shyvana 2014-11-19
There used to be something in this world called "morality" or even "self-esteem". She wasn't forced to switch from g/g to b/g (from not depraving to depraving)... or was she ? ;)
kbones 2014-11-19
Wow! She's finally doing hardcore. Lucky us.
ArthurTurner 2014-11-18
Are you guys seriously arguing about whether a porn star should or should not do B/G porn, the kind that is the most popular and makes her the most money? Are you insane? Stop taking this so seriously! It's porn, not a religious vocation!
Shyvana 2014-11-17
@wildride01 please sir, don't u dare linking "the Lord" and "do whatever she wants with her body". Those two are totally antagonistic. The God's morality and principles are against prostitution. People like you are the ruin of our world.
wildride01 2014-11-17
Thank the lord her first B/G im so excited! Thanks Eva! So happy that at this day and age a woman can do whatever she wants with her body.
Shyvana 2014-11-15
@djcarrick84 those girls u're refering to are true to themself. Eva created for 2 years an image of a g/g-only-performer that we, fans, loved. All of a sudden she decides to get dicked, why ? She had a moral responsability to maintain. U understand ?
djcarrick84 2014-11-14
@Shyvana I see you have plenty of girls that do B/G on your favorites list. Are they all copy whores that disgust you too? These people that are crying about her doing B/G act like she was a real lesbian.
Shyvana 2014-11-12
I spoke too fast. Her first b/g scene is due on saturday. After building up an image of a clean g/g performer around which her fanbase grew, she decides to openly get dicked. Eva Lovia becomes a copy whore like the other ones. You are what you do.
Shyvana 2014-10-27
I truely believe Eva Lovia is one of the best thing that happened to this world. She's a perfection, and the fact that she doesn't deprave herself doing hardcore makes her even more perfect and pure. God bless
kbones 2014-10-01
I love this girl. Beautiful in every way.
Jack36 2014-07-27
Can never get enough Eva!
milesobrian 2014-05-29
25 candles on the cake today for lovely Eva! Happy birthday to you!
teueur 2014-05-24
Sinceramente, quiero casarme contigo! Honestly, I want to marry you!
teueur 2014-05-20
Perfect, perfect, perfect, all in she´s!
teueur 2014-04-17
Precious smile and temptation body!!!
samurairol23 2014-04-16
Besides having a NATURAL and lovely figure, I LOVE her SMILE! You're a cutie Eva, no hardcore please, not necessary.
HawKster 2014-03-31
i'm pretty sure Eva is a lesbian so you won't be seeing her sucking or fucking any cocks other then dildoes and vibrators.
tony1967 2014-03-20
This girl needs to suck cocks it's part of life it's what girls do's time to grow up EVA say goodbye to your childhood and say hello to women hood and it means getting on your knees to pleasure men yes it does
Belinea64 2014-01-08
Why should she only eating pussies and not even blow and swallow on cocks?
nymphopath13 2013-12-18
I'm glad this girl doesn't do hardcore. Her body is too beautiful for that shit, and it would be shameful to see a bunch of boneheads shoving their hairy junks in her face. G/g is much hotter anyway. Keep clean, Eva.
SpeedyFreaky 2013-07-10
Please, don't do mf hardcore. You're such a beautiful girl. Solo and girl/girl are enough. Don't get used by a bunch of cocks.
rodsodomy 2013-06-01
I want to see my cum dripping from her asshole!
Vae Victis 2013-04-26
She's showing everything now, so let's all quit our "tease" bitching, drink her in and be grateful that a goddess of perfection like this even decided to get into porn at all. No hardcore necessary, by the way. I don't want to ever see a dick near her.
Lancelot1 2013-04-15
How nice to see a beautiful girl, fabulous body and NOT covered in tattoos! Stay natural, Eva. You are perfect!
nicolo23 2013-02-02
Awesome tits and a delicious ass!
Dick Whacker 2012-12-08
I need to stop looking at this girl. I'm falling in love. Damn she's cute! (And no doubt she'd be turned on by some miserable lonely slob who surfs porn on the internet.)
Dick Whacker 2012-12-07
I disagree that she has to "step up" to hardcore. I like porn like most (ok, all) guys, but I can also just appreciate a pretty girl. Hardcore..can't believe I'm saying this, can be a bore after a while.
IRPreferred 2012-11-28
Eva must step up to hardcore.
Cthulhu.fhtagn 2012-11-27
Philip, Alexander's father, once wrote to the spartans: "If I invade Laconia, I shall turn you out". They wrote back: "If".
modelagent_4u 2012-11-21
2 words: Female Perfection. If she ever decides to do hardcore boy-girl work, she'll soar into adult film super stardom.
missevalovia 2012-10-08
my new site will be up soon hope you guys join me :)
missevalovia 2012-10-08
No more Teasing for me! My new and improved site will be up in just a few weeks I hope you guys like it
blackkratos 2012-09-03
models/69395/mia-marx/# i think this is her at atk showing pussy as mia marx. i remember seeing one of her sets and thinking nice pussy lips. i guess that teasing bullsh!t is over now.
Dick Whacker 2012-05-30
I don't mind if they don't spread their gash, but c'mon, at least show your tits. What red blooded guy is gonna sign up for a site that has everything covered? Teasers SUCK.
Timmo2000 2011-10-22
Why do these women get into doing porn if they ain't going to fucking show anything..........just a waste of money to anyone who pays for her showing, no brain...........
in mijn poep 2011-10-22
man, wouldn't you just love to pound that ass untill the world's end!!
Dr.Filth 2011-08-16
So Cute!
kontako2 2011-07-05
very hot body but must show more
TITE 2011-07-04
freedy666 2011-07-02
que nena para mas buena tines un rico tracero
Sawney Bean 2011-06-01
Zzzzzzzzz another borin tease
mnhalestrom 2011-05-31
where did she come from? gorgeous
pinsam 2011-05-30
not another teaser!!!!
gazzo45 2011-05-30
Beautiful girl.
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