A Bad Example

Publicado en: 28 de julio de 2008 por Red Stripe
We first met Samantha and Emma in Sorry Miss, when Miss Parker mistakenly punished Samantha for stealing a watch. At that time, the two girls didn't get on, but through adversity, they became friends. However, Emma's bad influence has turned Samantha into a naughty and lazy girl, so it's no great surprise to find both girls being sent to Miss Parker. Samantha's work has suffered, and her grades have deteriorated alarmingly, and Miss Parker has received information that Emma has been observed sunbathing topless, wearing only the briefest of bikini bottoms. Emma denies this, but the evidence is irrefutable. Miss Parker decides to punish them both, but not only are they to be spanked and caned, but sent down to a lower year...

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