Black Into White 11

Publicado en: 30 de abril de 2007 por Dark Secret Video
Our adult film features a white wife, one hot pussy, and a man sucking cock. Her wimpy cuckold hub, in fact. This adult film opens with a series of snapshots from an attempted home movie by Angela and Patrick, at their home. In the final shot, she is holding his limp dick and showing it to the camera. Then this married couple is on adult film producer Michael's sofa, in his living room, with a black gentleman named Shawn on the end. Michael asks for how long she had been putting up with bad sex. "The whole three years we have been married," our white wife replies. Shawn proved to be the solution to her problem. What happens later on? Her man sucking cock. Unbelievable but true. Scroll down for the pictures if you don't believe....

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