Breast Worx Volume 32

Publicado en: 25 de abril de 2008 por LBO
Gerid arrives home wanting to go out...hefty chested Venus hasn't got a thing to wear...she wants to stay in! They at least agree on her minimalist approach to wardrobe...less is definitely less in total accord...they settle for a joint session of the aid "in and out". Next, Brett is a newcummer in town. He dials the local out call room service for his favorite flavor...Cherry Lawson. The rest of the story is predictable - girl comes in the front door...guy comes in her backdoor! A love story with "wham bam" written all over it. (Thank you very much, Ma'am.) Don comes home with his new camcorder and finds Natasha too hot to lense! She's a star in the making, and if it's the last thing he does, Don is gonna make her.

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