Cosplay - Costume Play

Publicado en: 6 de mayo de 2006 por Oriental Dream Pictures
Live out your fantasies to a little Cosplay (Costume Play) with Japan's sexy sluts. Four whoriental gems expose themselves in different outfits for a different look to every fuck. That's like getting twice the action from one same girl! Oriental Dream Picture presents Griko, Akiyoshi, Yuka, and Sakagami. A young, hot, and horny group of tight pussies that can only be imported! These clams are guaranteed pink and fresh down to the last hole. From girly dresses, to seductive lingerie, you can be sure these sluts will take it all off! Not only that, but they'll also tease you and suckee suckee until they finally fuckee fuckee long time!

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Yuka Sakagami

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