Cruel And Relentless

Publicado en: 15 de octubre de 2010 por Joan Wise Productions
There is no one better at taking apart a small female than the gorgeous blonde bombshell, Tracy Turner, 5'8" 1/2, 138 pounds as she is not content to just be sleeping with Vicki's man, terrific Tracy also delights in pounding the feisty little 5',100 pounds Vicki into submission. Vicki never goes down to defeat easily and gives it all she's got as she foolishly challenges cruel Tracy who uses every trick at her command as she punishes and humiliates her victim. The larger girl lifts, slips and throws Vicki around like a rag doll and show no mercy as she really pours it on as Tracy is determined to convince Vicki she is the better woman and to make her admit it and she is relentless in the attack.Inescapable and painful scissors followed by bare breast to breast and crotch to crotch action, breast smothers, crotch grabbing and great domination and terrific face sitting as Tracy pumps and rides her face with her gorgeous ass.

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