Domestic Mom

Publicado en: 2 de mayo de 2010 por First Blush Films
Annabelle Flowers is a busty MILF that makes you so horny. You watch her doing chores and getting ready for her date, and her big tits and silky stockings make your dick so hard. She catches you spying on her, and instead of yelling at you, she tells you what to do with your cock! She asks you to stroke it for her and cum on her pantyhose. Talking dirty to you makes her pussy so wet, so she goes in her room to get some relief before her big date. She rubs her pussy through the stockings and brings herself to blissful orgasm. And of course, you were watching the whole thing, weren't you? When Annabelle gets home from her date, she tells you to make yourself scarce, but instead you hide in her room to watch what happens. You love hearing her moan as she gets her pussy licked and enjoy the sight of her big tits bouncing around as she gets fucked from behind. She calls out in pleasure, and you can't help wonder...does she know you're there watching?

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