Dressing Room Lingerie Volumes 1 & 2

Publicado en: 16 de septiembre de 2006 por Girlfriends Films
Authentic lingerie from the 1950's and 1960's is the theme for this video series, with each scene richly shot and concluding to masturbation or female-female sex. Take a voyeuristic view of a period dressing room with women trying on a variety of bras, girdles, panties, stockings, gloves, heels and gowns. With a background of classical music, these scenes feature an elegance and femininity very rarely seen in adult films. The first bedroom scene includes Nicole's slow and lengthy seduction of a reluctant Nikki that culminates with extremely hot belly-to-belly strap-on action - the passion these two real-life friends' feelings for each other is very obvious! This is one of our favorite all-time sex scenes! After a number of underwear changes, Mary Jane indulges herself in a kinky fetish scene, trying on a rubber ensemble and, with the help of a few good toys, masturbates. Finally, Jessica tries on a variety of lingerie, shows off her huge nipples, and masturbates twice - once by hand and then with the Sybian.

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