EE Dream Babes

Publicado en: 24 de marzo de 2013 por Napali Video
Big boob lovers rejoice! These well endowed ladies are ready to bare it all and show you what makes them so special! Size does matter and these buxom babes are here to show you better than they can tell you! Joslyn leads off with a sexy strip dance, followed by Ciera Knight writhing pleasurably in bed. Dee Dee stretches out by the fireplace and showers. Sierra teases with her huge breasts. Cindy Pucci turns it on in the shower. Houston admires her ample proportions in a deco mirror. Joslyn closes, primping at a large vanity mirror, dreaming of her boob duels with arch rival Cindy Pucci, and how she finally became a Napali cover girl.

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Joslyn James

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Sierra Lewis

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Cindy Pucci

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Joslyn James