Euro Scavenger Number Five

Publicado en: 1 de junio de 2006 por Sunshine
Euro Scavengers crisis! Euro-Central has lost control of the "scavs," as they are popularly known; these ass lovers are running wild all over Europe, video cameras in hand. Inevitably, an overweight scav drops dead from a heart attack while chasing a comely jogger. Another scav Claudio pries the camera from the clenched and dying hand and resumes the chase, finally cornering Jessica May for an anal reaming! Still, Euro-Central rules henceforth, "All Euro Scavengers will submit to a rigorous health and exercising regimen." George this the new rules suck, until he enters the gym and discovers Alexandra and Boby. A Double penetration makes for a perfect work out! Meanwhile, Jon has no trouble convincing Janette to offer up her rear aperture for his camera. Boby, now quite enthused about the new fitness policy, returns to the gym and plunges the adorable anus of Patricie. And in the shower George hit the bun bonanza, drilling the ass of Niki Taylor!

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