Fetish 142 - Foot Fantasies - Feet Therapy

Publicado en: 14 de octubre de 2012 por Red MILF Productions
Therapist Rachel had a nervous young client called Misty. Rachel had her lie down on her couch and do some deep breathing exercises. Soon she was relaxed to the point of being in a trance. Rachel then started to play with Misty's toes. She loved feet and she believed that foot massages were very good for a person. Joining Misty on the couch, she went on to suck each of her toes and lick the tops and the souls of her feet. She covered every inch of them with the utmost sensuality, making Misty moan and sigh. Afterwards she gave Misty a kiss and sent her on her way. A while later Rachel called in on Misty and convinced her of the benefits of having a foot massage. She got Misty to take off her shoes, lie down, and relax so that she could tend to her feet. Rachel massaged and stroked and licked them just as she had done before. She then spent a while French-kissing Misty before sucking the young woman's toes and again running her tongue all over her soles and the tops of her feet. Rachel loved every moment of it, and she knew that Misty would come round feeling wonderful.

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