GM-2157: All Naked Wrestling Tournament

Publicado en: 13 de octubre de 2010 por L. Scott Sales
Claudia vs. Vanessa - Two sexy young brunettes go all out in this rough and tumble bout featuring absolutely real hard fought naked wrestling action. Silke vs. Sonni - Two beautiful blondes struggle for supremacy in this bitter struggle showcasing Germany's strongest naked hardbodies. Anja vs. Ira - Athletic women battle on the mat in this very competitive tornament.

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Escena1: 00:02:40 - 00:22:55 (20:15)

Escena2: 00:22:56 - 00:43:49 (20:53)


Silke, Sonni

Escena3: 00:43:50 - 01:00:50 (17:00)


Anja, Ira