Grafenberg Girls Go Fishing

Publicado en: 8 de octubre de 2009 por Mitchell Brothers
**Exclusive: You will not find this title available for VOD anywhere else!** Shot almost entirely on the Mitchell Brothers boat **Graciosa,** Grafenberg Girls Go Fishing was a sequel of sorts to the original Grafenberg Spot. It was the last full-length feature the Mitchell Brothers produced and it was the last film the brothers directed together as a team. Despite the money they spent on production, much of the audio had to be recreated after the film was already edited and in the can. Besides having regular dubbing sessions with the actresses, Artie Mitchell provided more realistic audio by taping sex sessions with his girlfriend at the time, Joanne Scott. The 3-way scene with Joey Silvera, John Leslie and Tanya Foxx use some of that audio and it can be heard over the fireworks featured at the end of the movie. Joanne did not know Artie was doing it at the time but said she believed her moans were coming from a "special place" and did not match well with the casual sex happening on the screen. Nevertheless, the Mitchell Brothers continued to push the envelope including anal sex and vaginal DP scenes. The movie is chock full of sex with a uniquely impressive opening featuring a 30 minute raucous group sex scene that has two different threesomes merge into a 6-way sex scene that builds in intensity and culminates with the G-girls showing off their unique orgasmic talents. The closing scene is an equally impressive twenty five minute orgy featuring the entire cast, a strange suspended bucket chair and a great fireworks display over the San Francisco bay. **Original Liner Notes:** The story begins at the Institute for the Negotiation of Safe Sex, where the Safe Sex Inspection Team (all graduates of the Grafenberg Institute), are first waking up for the day. A messenger arrives with an eruptions from The City's Safe Sex Office containing a report that the operators of Romper Voyages, a popular sex charter boat may need instruction in proper sex negotiations and safe sex practices. Their Assignment: to send their best G-Girl Team on a sex charter ASAP to assess the situation and correct as necessary. They are to bring combat sex kits, including extra rations of non-oxynol 9. Objective: to infiltrate and educate. Report to Headquarters when the mission is complete.

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