Interracial Fantasies Vol. 4

Publicado en: 22 de abril de 2006 por Trashy Entertainment
Three hot scenes of slutty white girls getting their groove on with dominant black studs. Scene 1 opens with Mychelle, relaxing in her hotel room. She is in town on business and checks in with her husband. To her surprise he tells her to find a random guy in the casino and suck him off. She returns with a muscular black stud and starts deep throating him while her husband listens on the other end of the phone line. He fucks her face than blows a thick load of cum in her mouth and drools it all over the phone. Next up is Jenni. Raven and Deion are cruising the streets in a limo looking for a girl to pick up. They see Jenni walking by the side of the road and decide to give her a lift. She is pissed at her husband for leaving her and gets revenge on him by fucking Deion in the backseat of the car while Raven watches. She sucks his long black dick, then spreads her legs as he finger fucks her twat. He mercilessly reams her pussy, then cums in her mouth. Finally, Sammi is relaxing at the lake while her husband goes fishing. She sees a bird watcher spying on her from the bushes. She invites him over, then gets on her knees and polishes his chocolate fuck stick until he coats her face with sperm!

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