Jerky Girls Vol. 41 - Resistance Is Futile

Publicado en: 9 de marzo de 2011 por Jerky Girls
SPERM SAMPLE!! This boy has been arrested....and he is in Police Custody. He is a Suspect in several crimes.....and the Police need to get a DNA Sample from him. He has refused to submit to giving a Saliva Sample.....he has refused to submit to giving a Blood Officers Sky is left with no choice......She must arrange a Compelled Sperm Sample! The Suspect is stripped down and handcuffed to a chair in the Interrogation Room....and Officer Sky sends in the Foremost Expert in the field of Compelled Sperm Samples.....Her Sister.....Officer Dani. While Her Sister Sky waits patiently with a waiting mirror to collect the inevitable Sperm Release.....Officer Dani goes to work on his penis. Officer Dani warns the Suspect that She ALWAYS gets Sperm out of boys...he may as well accept that fact, and co-operate. The Suspect, however is stubborn....he keeps insisting that he will NOT ejaculate...because he doesn't want to incriminate himself. He demands to see a lawyer....he tries to think about baseball....his Grammas' slippers (lol)....but his cock becomes erect. With the Suspect still insisting he won't ejaculate....Officer Dani is Compelled to unleash the "Big Gunns".....She takes out Her HUGE, GIGANTIC, ENORMOUS, AWESOME, SPECTACULAR 100% NATURAL, BIG TITS!!!! Within a few moments of seeing Officer Dani's Tits...the Suspect Squirts his Sperm in an ejaculation....that Officer Sky gathers to send to the Lab. Another successful Compelled Sperm Sample!!!! Miss Jackson takes down a boy using Her powerful body and holds him down by sitting on his face. She orders him to lick Her asshole clean while She beats the CUM out of him. Miss Jackson then continues to sit on the losers face and smothers him while the guy sticks his tongue deep inside Miss Jackson's ASSHOLE and makes it nice and clean for a REAL MAN!! There is a boy in custody who has committed a Robbery. The Police need to know where the loot is hidden....and the boy is refusing to talk. Fortunately....two of the top members of the team are on duty!!! Officer Laura & Officer Sindy are both experts in gathering information.....particularly from boys! First they try the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine. Officer Sindy screams at the boy and threatens to "Rip his balls off" if he doesn't talk. When that doesn't work...Officer Laura tries to seduce him...whisper in his ear.....kiss him.....and promise him a lighter sentence in exchange for coughing up the information. That doesn't work either. The Girls decide to launch a Double Attack....Officer Sindy is Mean...while Officer Laura is Nice...and BOTH Girls go after his cock!!! After threatening to give him the world's worst case of blue balls....the Girls work his cock, in search of the information they need. As Officer Sindy is leaning over to spit on his cock....the boy explodes!!! A Big Blast of cum Shoots Officer Sindy in the face!!! As he is Ejaculating...the boy is crying out the information to the Girls. "You're going away for a long time!! Officer Laura says. Ha Ha Ha!! Miss Laura complains to Miss Sindy that a lowly boy employee not only spoke to her but he also was looking down her CLEAVAGE! Miss Sindy calls the boy to her office and although he denies the charges Miss Sindy decides to teach the guy a lesson. While Miss Laura keeps him quiet with her hand over his mouth, Miss Sindy WHACKS a HUGE LOAD OF SPERM out of him. The girls YELL at him to SHUT THE FUCK UP while he is CUMMING and it seems the boy has finally learned his lesson. This boy is about to Suffer a Terrible, Terrible Humiliation!!! His Mother has arrived home from work...and as usual...the house is a mess, and he has been playing video games all day. His Mother has had enough!! She calls Dr. Sharon....a Behavioral Book a Spanking for Her son. Dr. Sharon is gracious enough to see them same day....and Mrs. Cook explains Her son's bad Behavior to Dr. Sharon. A few moments into the session, Dr. Sharon begins Treatment. She gets out Her "Spanking Bench"...ordered the young boy to pull down his pants and get over Her Knee. The boy is Horrified to do this in front of his Mother....but the Women make him do it. Once over Dr. Sharon's Knee...he is subjected to EXTREMELY HARD SPANKING!! Dr. Sharon starts with Her Bare Hands...then uses a Paddle and a Wooden Spoon to Discipline the boy. Then Dr. Sharon sits on the boys face, while his Mother Taunts him..."Smell Her Cunt!!!.....Smell Her Ass!!!..." his Mother screams at him as the Doctor Face-sits him. Next, Dr. Sharon explains that the final Humiliation shall be a Compelled Masturbation in front of his Mother. The boy is almost in tears....Suffering from this Ultimate Humiliation....and he is made to stand still and at Dr Sharon Masturbates him, while his Mother looks on in amusement. His Mother says "Hurry up and Ejaculate!!....this is costing me by the hour!!!"....with that....Dr Sharon takes off Her top, to reveal.....UNBELIEVABLY, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME, GIGANTIC, MASSIVE 100% NATURAL, BIG TITS!!!!!! The boy soon ejaculates all over the the amusement of his Mother. What a visit to....The Behavioral Consultant!!!

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