Katie & Karen TEEN Pantyhose Foot Tease

Publicado en: 19 de marzo de 2010 por Playtime Video
Hey nylon foot fans. Playtime has your tape featuring two 19 year olds. Katie and Karen giving you a show to remember. Our Katie starts the fun lying on the bed asking if you weirdo freaks want to see her feet? She has her size 7 feet covered in black pantyhose and begins by dangling them right in your face. She gives herself a sensual foot massage. She moves in all angles so we also get to see her white bikini panties screaming underneath the pantyhose. Lots of sexy foot talk. Next she changes to blue cotton tights and white lacy ankle socks more great slow close ups of her cotton covered feet and crotch. She then strips down to nude. Katie next appears in tan sheer to the waist pantyhose and once again gives you a nice pantyhose foot workout. The very pretty Karen is up next in a pair of short shorts, sneakers, white cotton ankle socks and pink dance tights. Hot! Off come the sneakers as she lets you see those size 7 feet up close and personal. She wiggles her toes under your nose. Then, off with the socks to give you a nice view of her feet in her pink tights. Next scene, Karen is dressed up for a night on the town in a slinky red dress with strappy 4" heels and nude pantyhose. We see her pedicured toes through the sheer nylons as she prances around the room. She keeps her feet just inches away from the camera. Next, we have our cute sweetheart, Karen on the stairs in a black dress, brown pantyhose, white cotton lace ankle socks, and black heeled sandals that she quickly discards. Slow, sensual foot teasing as she gazes directly into your eyes before bidding farewell. Two eager teens who like to tease. Excellent foot tape.

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