Kink 2: Second to None (Rosebud)

Publicado en: 27 de febrero de 2002 por Rosebud
La Tigra's wedding morning is nothing less than poetry in motion, until she comes across some unexpected visitors. Tyra Lays becomes the life of the party when she exposes her surprise. Boxing champ, Jake Steed, becomes a spectator in an off-color cat fight between his girlfriend (Petra) and a hotel maid (Rachel St. Marie). The no cock down rule does not apply...and no one will be saved by the bell. For job security, Joey wants to keep a foot up on his co-worker (Kerri Downs). But Kerri gets the last laugh as Joey suffers the agony of de-feet. What's that over there? Is it a whale? Is it a blimp? No, it's Gordzilla! She's out to take over the fast food and donut shops in town. Oh yeah! She wanted to get fucked also!

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