LBO Raw - Take A Letter, Maria

Publicado en: 2 de abril de 2012 por LBO
You'll find some of the most hard-to-find, rare footage from LBO! Meet Max Steiner/Sam Smythe, aka Paul Little; the man, the myth, and the director (and actor) behind this movie during his earliest beginnings. You may know him as his more infamous alias, Max Hardcore; the man who brought some of the most controversial content you'll ever find in porn, but this time he gives you an actually scintillating, tamer (than usual) scene; uncut and raw video with no editing for your complete viewing pleasure. Dick Nasty Dick-tates exactly what it is he wants to do to the dark-haired beauty, Brenda Kehoe, and under Max's guidance, you get the MAX-imum exposure of perverse lust and raw uncut boning that you'd want in your adult film experience!

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