Learning The Ties

Publicado en: 31 de enero de 2011 por California Star Productions
So you desire to be a Mistress? Before you can put anyone through the paces, you must feel the ultimate power of the ropes yourself. Because control is an important aspect of bondage discipline you have to know which ties and which positions will get the results that you want. You have to experience the feeling of utter helplessness when you're bound and gagged, ropes cutting into your skin, restricting your movement. You need to know how it feels to be subjected to one humiliating position after another, your mouth gagged, effectively silencing your protests. You must learn to respect the power of the ropes, before you can ever dream of subjecting anyone else to their mighty strength. This is exactly what Molly Matthews found out when she applied to the job. Learning the ties was just the beginning. Molly can only submit to her binds as she spends the day gagged and bound in some of the most punishing and humiliating positions. At least the Mistress explains the positions she puts her in. She experiences the feeling of total helplessness when she is hog-tied, and the term "rug rat" will never have the same meaning again.

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