Loaded Gun

Publicado en: 29 de diciembre de 2015 por Fantasy Massage
Scene 1: Jackson Ford's got a big date later in the evening, so his buddy takes him in for a massage so that he doesn't go into it fully loaded and full of cum. Jackson has no idea what's coming his way as the beautiful Danica Dillon lubes him up for his massage. She gives him the standard rubdown with some extras that tease him. See her get on the table as she rubs her pussy on his ass while talking about cumming and the sensation that tickling causes. No man can resist the flirting that Danica puts down and Jackson is no exception. Danica takes her robe off to get the naked party started. Not one to be shy, Danica reaches right up under Jackson's towel to stroke him hard before putting his dick slowly into her mouth. Danica loves his meat and she licks it to lube it up for a serious deepthroating. Hear and see her choke on it before she gets on Jackson's face to let him taste her wetness. Danica is a dirty talker so you can hear her say how much she loves how, 'fucking hard' Jackson's cock gets. Scene 2: Evan Stone shows up for a sexy massage and accidentally gets paired up with Ashley Stone, his own brother's wife! She needs to keep her work a secret from her husband and Evan is willing to help her separate her work life from her home life as a cheating housewife, in exchange for a free massage of his own. Guilt starts to set in half way through their adulterous interlude, and Ashely gets the idea to take her robe off as a way to make Evan stop talking so much. Of course that only makes their passions hotter and it isn't long before she is 69 on top of him, jerking his dick with her talented hands while riding his mouth. Cumming inside a massage girl is nice, but cumming in the mouth of your brother's wife makes it naughty as well! Scene 3: Brad Tyler saved the day for Mia Lelani by returning her credit card to her while she was at work and now she owes him a comped massage. Mia takes Brad into her massage room so that she can show him just how thankful she is for his kindness. Mia rubs his whole body down before reaching up under his towel to really thank him. Mia easily gets Brad hard with her oiled hands before she goes down to lick his balls and shaft with her tongue. Mia gives Brad a slow, deep and intimate blowjob that has him telling her just how good she is at her job. Mia tells Brad to look at her and enjoy the show she is putting on with her mouth, her spit, her hands and his stiff rod. Mia wants to give Brad the full service package as she seductively strips for him so that he can lick and play with her now wet pussy. As they 69, Mia starts to moan and get off, only enhancing the deep blowjob she's giving to Brad. Mia lets Brad spew his jizz all over her tits as she keeps her promise to take care of him. Scene 4: Riley Reece wants two hundred bucks to melt away all the stress and strain Julian Walker is feeling from recent exercise regimens. The moment Riley sees him laying half-naked on the massage table she notices that Julian is in great shape. They skip the showers and bath completely so they have more time for this much needed massage parlor session together. Once he rolls over on his back, Ms. Reece starts probing the towel area and offers something a little extra because she thinks he's good looking and she loves guitar players like Julian. As talented as Riley's hands are, it's amazing to see that mouth is even more special. Earning a cumshot for her effort, the big smiles she gives you at the end shows just how proud she is of herself! Scene 5: Tony Martinez came into the massage parlor for a relaxing massage and got party lover Tiffany Fox as his masseuse. Tiffany is always up for a good time, so she gets to know Steven by chatting. The two have quite a bit in common and before long she's offering to travel with him as his personal massage therapist. Tiffany takes her robe off to get more comfortable but it's really in an effort to seduce her charge. She checks out his cock as he flips and you know she's got oral on the mind. Tiffany boldly reaches right up and under Steven's towel to stroke his cock as she's rubbing him. He's totally into it and Tiffany gets him hard with her mouth. Watch as she strokes his cock and sucks his balls before climbing on top of his face so that he can taste her juicy, wet pussy. Tiffany has big pussy lips and Steven buries his face in them. Tiffany lets Steven get close to popping in her mouth but lets him finish all over her perfect tits and nipples.

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