MM422: Christa Bauch - MM Ranch Visit

Publicado en: 23 de marzo de 2012 por Mass Muscle
Welcome to Christa Bauch in a wrestling video. Christa Bauch is five foot four inches tall, at a hulking 161.2 lbs. Sporting rock solid bulging biceps, 16 inch calves and ripped 26 inch quads. She's been hitting the gym, and you can tell that she's stronger, and more muscular than ever! Christa wanted to visit the Mass Muscle Ranch and just relax and enjoy the sun. Well Vlad decided to visit the ranch also and of course was nothing less than his obnoxious self. Christa doesn't allow anyone to poke fun at her, and certainly will never be pushed around by the likes of Vlad. Christa without a doubt has gotten stronger, more muscular and more dangerous than ever before. If you are caught in her famous head scissor, you will for sure give up, or be knocked clean out! Christa had no mercy on this man. She honestly enjoys squeezing the man. It turns her on and brings her satisfaction, both physically and mentally. Lots of other combo holds, grapevines, headlocks, and some arm wrestling, which to date Christa has never been beaten.

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