My Feet, Your Face! #2

Publicado en: 23 de julio de 2008 por PussyPower Productions
Scene 1: Virtual Footjob - Brookelyn knows that her high arched feet and cute little piggies drive you right to the edge! "You see those arches, I want you to put that dick right there", she instructs you. Teasing you by offering up all kinds of encouraging positions is what she does best. Knowing you want to cum all over her feet as she strokes that cock for you! "Now cum all over my feet!" This is one hot POV foot clip! Also includes: J/O instruction, Foot Licking, Toe Spreading and Pointing Scene 2: Kali - Foot Puppet. "So here we are again". I know I have you on a string like a little puppet. I'm so bored so I decided to make a little puppet of my guess who the real puppet is? That's right YOU! As I slip the string on my Big Toe you will soon not be able to think for yourself. With the noose around my little foot puppet servant you will have to submit to my every whim. "All I have to do is barely move the string" and you just start to do the little puppet dance for me, don't you? I laugh, taunt and mock you through out this clip. You are my servant and I know every time I pull the string you will squeal like my little play thing. "Dance for me!". My giggling and demeaning ways will have you realizing that you truly are my little servant puppet. In the end, Foot Power and Pussy Power rule. Guess what? I have both! Scene 3: Mollie's High Arched Oily Seduction Mollie's high arches will milk you! She knows that oil dripping from her high arched soles and manicured toes is exactly what a good foot slave wants! Using all encouraging angles, she makes you cream for her perfect peds time and again. Watch as she rubs oil all over her feet while she tells you time and again to stroke it. She even shows you where to put it between her high arches, commanding you exactly where to put that cock! Will you be a good foot slave for your Mistress???? Also Includes: Masturbation Instruction, High Arches. Scene 4: You are a Sissy Foot Slave - Veronica knows you will ooze for her high arches! But, what you don't know is that she will make you her foot bitch. "Get down and suck my toes, you foot loser" she demands. She makes you whip your cock for her size 5.5 beautiful feet. Egging you on for your milky cum bath on those hot peds. Finally, you are rewarded as you get to blow that monster size load on her feet. Also Includes: J/O Instruction, Foot Domination, Toe Spreading, High Arches.

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Veronica Jett