Naughty Little Nymphos 6

Publicado en: 8 de febrero de 2002 por Notorious Productions
Young girls ascending into woman hood! Little Sabrina had been warned not to play in the Junkyard. But, she wouldn't listen. What happened that terrible, rainy day would live with her forever. But what does this little slut care? After being captured by zombies, Ariko awakens to find one with a horribly rotted skull beating off to her. Everybody knows a girl can't turn down a hard cock. Even when it's attached to a dead guy. Oh well, girls will be girls. This little English slut loves to play with rubber balls. Balls, balls, balls, that's what little girls love. Wow, look at those big black balls Kinky found! I guess she'll have to play with them too! Poor little Jade, she's as stupid as a dodo bird. It's a good thing she has an understanding professor who points her in the right direction for academic success. That's right, with a firm cock up her ass.

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