Nylon Madness

Publicado en: 22 de marzo de 2011 por TicklingParadise
ATTENTION: All nylon ticking lovers....this one's for you!! Your favorite models tickled in nylons and pantyhose!! See Beth, Bobbi, Bambi, Hollywood, and Elena. And for your barefoot lovers, there is a bonus scene of Rose all tickled mercilessly! **Beth ** Beth is secured in a box with just her reinforced toe and heel black nylons as she is tickled until she can barely breathe! Great close ups of this master tickling action. We pushed her to her absolute limits in this scene!! Watch as she squirms and begs for the tease to stop when an electric toothbrush is used. Then see what a feather does to her as well as relentless fingers!! She can't see what's coming at her next, until it lands on her very sensitive soles. She all but loses it in this one!! Then, the nylons are ripped exposing her bare feet and she even has to endure more.....if she can! An absolutely AMAZING scene! **Bobbi and Bambi** Bobbi and Bambi are side by side in the stocks, both in nylons as the tickler takes turns teasing each one of them, while the other has to watch and wait, knowing that they will be next. Back and forth, with a feather, electric toothbrush, and wild fingers....on the soles, in between the toes, not missing one inch of their sensitive feet. Which is worse? Being tickled, or having to watch and wait, knowing what is about to happen? And this tickler doesn't miss the opportunity to tickle them both at the same time either!! **Hollywood ** Hollywood "borrowed- a pair of Rose's nylons without asking and Rose has an important interview to go to and no nylons to wear. Rose wants revenge........and she intends to get it. She tricks Hollywood into the stocks and begins to teach her a lesson she (and you!) will never forget! It doesn't matter how much Hollywood apologizes or begs, Rose is a merciless tickler and will not stop. She uses her fingers, feathers, a fork, and an electric toothbrush........anything she can find to make this the best tickle experience she can! Great close ups as Hollywood has to endure an angry and vengeful tickler!! **Elena ** Elena is knocking door to door to try to collect donations....but this time she comes to the wrong office! Renee is trying to work and really doesn't want to be bothered...but as long as she is interrupted, she intends to make the most of it by teaching this girl a lesson. Renee gets Elena into the stocks and then the fun begins. Elena's pantyhosed feet are exposed to Renee....and if you have ever seen Renee tickle, this is no exception!! See great close ups as Renee digs her fingers into Elena's arches and in between her toes. Elena says it's tease, but that just makes Renee want to tickle her more...and more...and more!! **Rose ** See the amazing Rose once again! She has decided to wrap herself in saran wrap to lose weight. As she lay helpless, in comes Negar. She is still angry at Rose and wants a little revenge. How convenient it is right now!! Rose has her VERY sensitive bare feet sticking out of the saran wrap completely at Negar's mercy. Watch as Negar gives Rose a tickling extravaganza she will never forget. Rose has a great laugh and amazing responses whenever her bare sensitive soles are touched! This is why you keep requesting Rose!!

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