Package For Tammie

Publicado en: 7 de marzo de 2011 por Pete's Pussies Productions
Tammie's relaxing at her house when her neighbor (Drew Peacock) comes round with a package that was delivered while she was out. Tammie, being polite little slapper she is, invites him in to visit for awhile. While their sitting on the sofa, Tammie opens her package to find a rather personal item. Specifically, it's a nice sized vibrator! Again, being a gracious host, she invites her neighbor into the bedroom to help her give her new toy a try! While Tammie certainly enjoys the vibrating dildo, she opts for the real thing residing in her friend's trousers. The two cavort in her girly bedroom and she skillfully milks her neighbors cock dry! This film will have you taking special care to catch the postman when he comes round trying to deliver packages to your sexy neighbors for sure!

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