Pick Up Lines Number 4

Publicado en: 17 de octubre de 2007 por Silverstone Entertainment
Men and women the world over are stimulated about meeting one another. At the moment two strangers meet and realize that soon the embrace will me warm, the kisses wet and the touch so new yet ever so familiar, the pick-up is complete, Pick up Lines # 4 explores the dynamics of desire, of consent, of the pick-up; of couples coming to that excited, wholesome but nasty realization that they want to be cumming together! The seven awesomely photographed scenes of this presentation gather an eager-to-please-each-other (and their audience) cast at their most captivating moments. With sex-hungry beauties like Laurie Michaels, Nici Sterling, Lana Sand and Tracy Love picking up (and being picked up by) studs such as Peter North and Sean Rider, you know no one will strike out. Bring a towel!

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