Public Agent Presents - Gabby

Publicado en: 1 de mayo de 2013 por Public Agent Clips
Public Agent presents "Gabby." Gabby is approached by a man on the street. He tells her that she could be a model and that if she gives him a moment of her time he could take some photos of her and get her on a reality show. After some persuasion, Gabby agrees and is taken to a secluded area where she poses in her bra and panties. What Gabby doesn't know is this man has a hidden agenda. He asks her what she would do for some money? Gabby is offended but before she can leave he offers her 4 times her monthly work pay. How could she resist that? In no time Gabby is on her knees, sucking his cock. She then rides him for a bit and they decide to go back to her car to finish their rendezvous. He fucks her in the back seat and on the hood of the car before releasing his load. After he pays Gabby, he tells her that the reality show was just a lie to fuck her.

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