Rachel Steele Classics - Volume 39

Publicado en: 28 de septiembre de 2012 por Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mom Visits at College Rachel was visiting her son at college. He had rented a house with a buddy. Rachel arrived early and decided to take a bubble bath. She was enjoying her bath when a young man in a towel opened the door. He was shocked and asked her who she was and why she was in his tub. Rachel took notice of his young hot body. She smiled and told him she was Josh's mom. He saw her tits through the bubbles and grew a hard. Rachel saw it and invited him in. He could not resist. Rachel told him not to tell her son about this. She grabbed a hold of his cock and began sucking him. He was huge; Rachel had not had a cock like that in a long time. She beat him off hard and spread her legs for him to finger her. Rachel came several times. Now it was Jock's turn, she sucked and jerked and took his young hot load in her mouth swallowing every drop. Scene 2 - Two MILFs Tip the Handyman Rachel and Keri moved to a house that needed a lot of work. They found a young handyman to make some repairs for them. His name was Robert. He was finishing working on the car when Rachel invited him in for a snack. He had been working all day. They sat him down and asked him questions. He did not have a girlfriend and all he seemed to do was work. He was a very cute young guy. Rachel and Keri being very horny women noticed this. Rachel had an idea; she told him they would make him a sandwich. They returned wearing skimpy lingerie. He did not understand. Rachel told him she thought he should be rewarded for all his work. They pulled his shorts down and his cock was hard. Rachel and Keri stroked it. Robert asked to see their tits. They pulled them out. Robert asked if they did sexual things together. Rachel laughed and began to French kiss Keri. They licked his cock up and down nice and slow ending up at the head they would suck then end in a kiss. Robert was thrilled this was really happening to him. He asked to see their pussies. They spread open and encouraged him to finger each of them. He felt how wet they were. They got back on their knees and sucked him, taking turns deep throating. Finally Rachel told him it was time for him to cum, he stood up and Rachel jerked him off onto both their faces. With a load of cum on them Rachel and Keri kissed and licked the cum off each other. Rachel told him she had plenty of work for him. Scene 3 - Seduced Son's Friend Rachel's son's friend had spent the night. She noticed him staring at her all day. Rachel wanted him. She has a thing for younger guys and cannot resist seducing them. Rachel waited till everyone wasn't around and snuck in his room. She slid in bed with him and started sucking his cock. Jock awoke and saw it was her, she silenced him. Jock wanted her so he lay back and enjoyed her. She passionately sucked his huge cock. Rachel moved up his chest and put her tits in his face. She squeezed his cock in between her tits and tit fucked him a bit. Rachel stripped off her nighty and panties and cuddled up next to him. Her legs apart he reached down and pushed a finger deep inside her. Rachel let out a moan, she came on his hand. They did a 69, he fingered her to orgasm again as she sucked his cock. Rachel screamed out again. Jock pushed her head down hard on his cock. Finally they both wanted his cum. Rachel sucked and jerked him until he shot his load all over her pretty face. She snuck away to her room. Scene 4 - Threesome to Keep Son Quiet Rachel and her sister Julia are having sex together when Rachel's youngest son comes in the room. Rachel and Julia covered up and fumbled to explain. They tell him that Rachel has not been sexually satisfied and not to tell his father. Phillip is turned on by what he saw and knows he has a chance. He reluctantly agrees not to tell. Rachel can see he is lying. She knows what he wants. She takes his clothes off and puts him in the middle. Julia and Rachel have had orgies with their older sons so this is exciting for them. They slowly oil his cock up and lick it together. Julia deep throats him. Rachel turns and opens her legs. Phillip rubs his mom's wet pussy. They jerk him slow to prolong his cumming. Julia and Rachel kiss in front of him and tease his cock. Finally Rachel knows her son and can feel he is ready to explode, she tells him to give it to them and he cums all over their faces. Now he would not tell because he wants that to happen again. Stars: Rachel Steele, Keri, Stacie Starr

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