Radical Affairs Video Magazine #9

Publicado en: 6 de octubre de 2006 por Freedom Distributing
Winner of Best Gonzo Series at the 1995 AVN Awards Show, Radical Affairs Video Magazine delivers action you won't get anywhere else! Scorching sex, behind the scenes info and outrageous commentary rock each blazing edition! If you want to get turned on, turn on to Radical Affairs! There's nothing like it! Featured in this issue! -Explore the sensuous, magical breasts of Rayveness, then watch her in a raging anal experience! -Fresh off their unbelievable appearance on the Howard Stern show, comedians Doug and Dave take you into their private lives and a wet-hot girl-girl face off with Caressa Savage and Sid Deuce! -Randy West introduces beautiful newcomer Scarlett Wind to sex under the burning California sun!

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