Real Sex Magazine 41

Publicado en: 10 de mayo de 2006 por Exquisite
When innocent little Angel left Minnesota for Los Angeles a couple of months ago, the temperature there was 30 degrees below zero. Things have heated up quite a bit for her since then, culminating in this smoking anal video scene - her 1st and only one. This is an extremely horny girl who is just figuring it all out! With her long black hair and big eyes, Domino is one beautiful Chicano girl She was born in Los Angeles where she worked in a "Gentleman's Club" as a hostess. She decided to start making videos because she was not allowed to fuck the guys in the club and she was compelled to go home unsatisfied every night. This is 19 year-old Starla Fox's 1st time on camera. She has beautiful fair skin that turns red at the slightest provocation. She also has one of the pinkest pussies you have ever seen. While most 1st-timers are nervous, Starla is totally relaxed. She and Chris put on a great show and she admits at the end that she has a great time. Another hot and horny Hispanic beauty, 19 year-old Candy sports a set of luscious, plump tits that bounce and juggle every which way but loose, as she gets the shit fucked out of her. We love shooting all the sexy Latina girls because they are some of the horniest gals on the planet! And they are not afraid to get down and show it!

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