Real Sex Magazine 44

Publicado en: 17 de mayo de 2006 por Exquisite
This is Angel Reign's first and only boy-girl sex scene. It seems that this cute teenager is bisexual and mostly likes to seduce girls. But when she does take a dick on she sure gets into it. Angel tells us that she has a super-sensitive pussy and she cums at the drop of a dime! Lucky girl! Beautiful Tawny Roberts and her boyfriend, Ricky, live in Ventura, California. They eventually started traveling to L.A. to show everyone how they get it on. They are a great couple who are both in terrific physical shape, and Ricky is 6'9" tall! This is their 1st anal attempt and Tawny takes all of his big dick up her ass and climaxes hard! This girl is very happy and enthusiastic about sex1 she's loves doing videos and thinks it's the best job in the whole world! Gabriella is from Vegas and made this hot scene during a short visit to L.A. She and Jay really hit it off and watching them fuck is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! This is 18 year old Crystal's first time on camera and she is a little nervous. She's a Californian girl with a beautiful body, including a perfect set of tits. She says that she likes to masturbate and does here. But she has never tried a vibrator before. You wouldn't know it as she shoves it up her young ass!

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