Real Wife Stories Vol. 13

Publicado en: 24 de julio de 2012 por Brazzers
Scenes Include ============ I Fucked Your Spouse In Your House... -------------------------------------------------------------- Audrey's real eastate agent decides to hide in the house and waits for Audrey's husband to leave. When they are alone, it doesn't take long for Audrey to put the moves on Mark and give him a wild night he'll never forget! Fuck Me Silly --------------------- Monique is sick of her husband never fucking her properly. Lucky for her Keiran has the same problem with his wife. Time to throw some Keiran gasoline on a Monique fire, and get a sexy explosion! Paybacks A Cock ---------------------------- One night in bed, Kortney found out that her husband actually got a hand job by some stripper at a bachelor party...that's all it took for Kortney to be driven over the ragged edge. Boy was Danny in for a surprise! Getting Private With The Private --------------------------------------------------- Captin San Dimas is about to be traveling overseas for war. While visiting Major Biggs's estate, Lexi and Private Johnson hook up while the big boys chat. One last fuck before shipping out! Breanna ------------- Ariella suspects her husband Charles of cheating for some time now. Charles is in for a major shock when Ariella suggests that the only way for them to save their marriage is for an all out 3-way fuck session!

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