Rookie Cookies 2

Publicado en: 22 de junio de 2006 por Elegant Angel
Patrick Collins proudly refers to me as a pervert, and I consider that the ultimate compliment. After all, watching Patrick's Sodomania series inspired me to get into porno. Directing Rookie Cookies is an excuse for me to fondle a bevy of cute girls of my choice (with Patrick's enthusiastic blessings of course). With that in mind, here's a preview of what you'll find in this flick...Viva Ann is a cute natural-breasted 19-yr old from Australia appearing in her third scene. When on the edge of an orgasmic eruption, she closes her eyes to savor the sensation. Very erotic. Melody Love is 4'11", 19 years old and a tremendous dick tease. Gemini's a 20-year-old feature dancer from Miami. She's in porn so she can fuck pretty girls - a noble cause if I've ever heard one. I've filmed her first girl-girl anal experience with Tabitha Stevens). Also featured is Katie, owner of an ultra voluptuous butt, in her third scene, and Shasta, a horny blonde from Texas, in her first boy-girl scene. Rest assured I fondle every girl! Let me know what you think of Rookie Cookies - David "Cookie Man" Luger.

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Tyce Bune, Shasta