Russian Fight Club - Extreme All Real Fighting Action: RFC-03

Publicado en: 15 de marzo de 2010 por L. Scott Sales
6 total indoor fights - all non topless. These are the most competitive of all our fights as all participants have a solid athletic background. **Fights 1 & 2** - Rookie Catty (judo) and Annette each in a strike fight with veteran Kami - GOOD ACTION! **Fight 3** - Competitive downhill racer Raven takes on Marie (Tae Kwon Do) in an extreme strike fight that starts with 2 major face slaps. **Fight 4 ** - Raven (brunette) vs. Veta (blonde) - Two skiers on one narrow path. Super aggressive fight between 2 evenly matched girls with great bodies. Belly punching so fierce one girl runs away to vomit! **Fight 5 ** - Bella vs. Kami - Bella is a strong blonde grappler and Kami (karate) pounds on her throughout the fight. **Fight 6 ** - Marie vs. Michelle (volleyball player). The best of all the fights. Cute petite Marie brings a full arsenal of head and body punches. Ferocious kicks and an unbelievable knee shot in a fierce fight that had to be stopped!

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Raven, Marie

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Raven, Veta

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Bella, Kami Smith

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