Russian Slaves #49 - Punishments In Sport School

Publicado en: 15 de diciembre de 2007 por Nettles Corp.
Welcome to a Russian boarding sport school for girls where fitness and discipline are the curriculums staples. The head coach discovers one girl drinking beer during a competition. Another girl was found to be overweight and given one week to improve her weight. Unfortunately, she fails to reduce her weight and was caught stuffing her face at a restaurant. Corporal punishment awaits the slut and heavy wench at the hands of their head coach. The heavy one is compelled to exercise naked in front of her peers and the verbal and physical lashings of the head coach. The two girls bend over in the doggie position, with their faces down and chair on the hard plastic chairs. Their bottoms are thoroughly reddened by the wooden, broad, unbending paddle at the hands of their sadistic coach. He uses his muscled arms to render their will broken and obedience guaranteed.

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