Seeking Wet Kitty Massage

Publicado en: 28 de abril de 2017 por NaughtyAllie
My husband was going out of town on another business trip so I was going to have some time to myself for a few days. Since I love getting massaged by a man with big strong hands I decided to do a search for a studly masseur in my area. When I typed my search query into Yahoo I came up with an interesting result from CraigsList. It was an ad from a guy offering a wet kitty massage. It sounded intriguing so I clicked the link and began to read his ad. Wow! I wasnt two sentences into the ad and my fucking pussy was already soaking wet. It was all I could do to refrain from immediately ripping my panties off and shoving my fingers into my aching fuck hole. Just then my hubby walked in to say goodbye before heading out to the airport. I was quite obviously captivated by what I was reading on my iPad when he asked what I was up to. I read the entire ad to him and by the time I got to the part that said, I want to suck and lick your slit until you gush, I had myself worked up into an erotic frenzy! I was so fucking horny that I needed to get off at that very moment so I asked Jake to fuck me before he left for the airport. He claimed he didnt have time to take care of me before he left so I just said, fuck it! I stripped out of my panties and cami and started finger fucking myself as I read the ad over and over again. I knew right away that I would be e-mailing this mystery man to arrange for a wet kitty massage! I got myself off and kissed Jake goodbye with an anxious anticipation of what the weekend held for me and my kitty! ~Kisses, Allie

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