Sent Down

Publicado en: 22 de julio de 2008 por Red Stripe
Jane and Natalie are at the university, but have been sent down, because they have been studying hard enough, not achieving their grades, and generally misbehaving. Their old teacher, the redoubtable Miss Parker has been informed, and sends for the girls. She's really disappointed, and feels it's a personal slur on her reputation. The girl can offer no excuse for their tardy behavior, so there can only be ones solution to the problem, Jane and Natalie must receive the same punishment that they receive when they were at school. Miss Parker sends them home to change, so they can be correctly attired for what's to come. The girls return, dressed in their old school uniforms and fully knowing that they would receive a very severe punishment. Very soon the memories begin flooding back as first Natalie then Jane are ordered over Miss Parker's knees for a good spanking, first over their knickers, and then on their bare bottoms having been dealt with by Miss Parker in the past....

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