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Publicado en: 30 de abril de 2010 por AndreaContent
**Smooth as Silk** Anette has a sweet innocent looking face with a petite body to die for! Her skin has a natural healthy glow and is smooth as silk! I love to watch her undress! Every inch of her gorgeous body is silky smooth and just melts in your mouth like your favorite chocolate bar! **Coming Out of Kim Nike** Kim is a very naughty girl. The one where you have to always pay attention and occupy, otherwise she just gets crazy! The other day for instance she went to see her doctor and had to wait for awhile. Since nobody surrounded her, she felt a bit bored, lonely and needed something to cheer herself up. She did not have any magazine or book with her, just her fingers...You can imagine what happened! Kim sat on the chair, peeled off her clothes, started to lick her nipples and got horny. She was hoping the doctor comes in anytime, but he did not, so she fingered herself and enjoyed it a lot! **Just a Usual Afternoon** Julia is a typical bored housewife, who is left at home every afternoon. When we get together she is happy to talk about her sexy games she usually passes time with. I asked her not to talk about it but show us how she causes so much joy for herself and of course she said yes. We loved the way her fingers were playing with her hot clit she was so tempting that I nearly joined her! I am sure it is not surprising, don't tell you would not like to taste such a sexy chick! But this time we wanted to show you her action, well get ready, even her voice is mind blowing! **Touch of Class** Brigitte is a very classy young lady. She was raised in a wealthy family and she was taught from little on up how to act like a lady. I bet her mother would have a heart attack if she knew that Brigitte loved being an erotic photography model. I really loved how this photoset of her turned out. She looks so pure and innocent in her light pink satin lingerie, but she is definitely far from innocent. She moves so gracefully and makes for a very good erotic model. She is a horndog, and really loves to get into it in front of the camera. She brought along one of her favorite dildos today and I enjoyed watching her lean back in the chair, spread her legs wide, showing us her precious pink, and then shoving the dildo deep inside her. I listened while she moaned loudly as she brought herself to orgasm in front of the camera.

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