ShadyProducer Part 1

Publicado en: 5 de febrero de 2020 por ShadyProducer
Synopsis Scene 1: Silvia and Max were not a real couple. Max was just one of Silvia's best friends who helped her out. As Silvia was a DJ and needed to buy the expensive equipment for her job she just looked for an opportunity to make a lot of money before her next gig. She was willing to go to the extreme but she was a tough negotiator. As Max already had a massive physical appearance I paired them with our bodybuilder Meddie who immediately let Silvia know who is the boss on set. Even though I had to pay a lot for this scene it was fun to film it because I let Silvia really suffer for this money. And hell - Max was also not really careful with her. After that bitch got destroyed by the two boys I even offered Max a job to be one of my shady collaborators in the future. So maybe you will see more of him soon. Synopsis Scene 2: Antonia and Karel were a really sweet couple who were just totally in love. You could see it from the moment they came to my office. I almost felt sorry to make them pawns in my shady game. But Antonia was just kicked out off her apartment and now they wanted to move in together. Everybody knows that you should never mess with your mum. Karel had a huge tool and was rock hard when Antonia unpacked it. The girl was quite fragile and it was hard to even talk her into taking it up her ass. I was already worried if I could fulfill my shady plan with them. I can tell you, I had to pay a lot for that scene. But you bet I made the girl work really hard for the money... Synopsis Scene 8: Daphne and Tonda came to me for their first video shoot. Tonda was quite shy in the beginning and did not feel well in front of the camera. But he sure liked to help his girlfriend undress and present her huge tits to the camera. I liked her piercings - she even had her pussy pierced twice. When Tonda saw his sexy girlfriend all naked in front of him he had no problem to get a hard dick. The sex started slow in the beginning and Daphne did not want to get fucked in the ass. Tonda managed to make her squirt like a geyser -wow- I have never seen such an explosion of a girl. After the squirting Daphne was willing to do everything. She got fucked hard by her boyfriend and deep throated all the way down to her tonsils. Best of all: they needed even more money. This was when Meddie came into play... Synopsis Scene 13: Normally I am looking for new fresh faces for my project. It is just more fun to talk those clueless couples into my shady plan. But when I received the application of Vinna and Lutro I could not resist. This couple is just famous in the porn industry and somehow I was interested why they wanted to film with me. It turned out that they needed some money because they wanted to attend the XBIZ awards in Los Angeles. A famous porn couple is willing to do everything so it was just a matter of long negotiations and cash to get them where I wanted.

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Silvia Dellai

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