Publicado en: 30 de mayo de 2007 por ZFX Productions
The setting is a lonely decaying industrial park, an unlikely place for a beautiful, affluent lady to be on a cold night. Locked out of her car. Alone. Except for the old wino laying against the curb laughing at her. What's he laughing about anyway? Does he know something she doesn't? Doing a little late night bargain hunting on the wrong side of town, Tracy Tate is out on this winter night for the Acme Furniture going out of business sale. Times are tough and places are closing down with alarming frequency. Rich, cheap and heartless, Tracy is confronted by a bum who begs for help. Ignoring his plea, she quickly hustles off. To her chagrin, Acme seems to be closed. To make matters worse, in her haste to avoid the bum, she locked her keys and purse in the car. In this desolate part of town, walking the 20 or so miles at this time of night might be more than dangerous, so she decides to just hunker down against the building till morning. She slowly drifts off as the bum she spurned chuckles at her misfortune. She is awakened with a start when the warehouse door suddenly opens. She scrambles inside to the warmth within only to have the door crash down behind her and then jam. Now she was trapped inside. It isn't long before she realizes she is not alone. Two masked figures spring out to grab Tracy, quickly binding and gagging her. These fiends obviously mean to have their way with her, but here may be something even more sinister at work here. She soon realizes that these are not just perverts, but some malevolent assailant sent to teach her a lesson in social injustice. Bound in one excruciating position after another, Tracy is flogged and even shocked with a bare wire, her penance for her earlier apathy paid in suffering. But is it real? Huddled against a warehouse door, Tracy will find out that in the urban decay of the forgotten, dark dreams abound. One has found her this night, a twisted dream of humiliating pleasure she will never forget.

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