Super Marino's Weekend Rampage 6 - Blondes

Publicado en: 2 de mayo de 2010 por Super Marino Productions
Super Marino is out this weekend with his buddy and all they do is get together with strictly hot, sexy blondes. Five of them in five scenes. He's so excited and has been wanting to fuck Suzi for quite some time. Scene 2 Marino arm wrestles his friend to see who gets to fuck her. Third scene Sasha Rose is so hot with her pierced clit and nice tits and he shoots his load n that shaved pussy. Scene four both Marino and his friend get to fuck her DP style. The last scene is with Sammy Jo she gets them both also.

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Escena1: 00:02:43 - 00:28:53 (26:10)


Suzie Best

Escena2: 00:28:56 - 00:55:45 (26:49)


Alysha Leigh

Escena3: 00:55:47 - 01:21:42 (25:55)


Sasha Rose

Escena4: 01:21:43 - 01:49:38 (27:55)

Escena5: 01:49:40 - 02:20:49 (31:09)


Sammy Jo