Sybian Rides 4 Cash - Nady

Publicado en: 11 de febrero de 2006 por Eros Arts
Nady is a 19-year-old shy Indian girl with a beautiful smile. She's never heard of the Sybian before, and is just a little nervous about trying it out. She told me that she wants to be a model, and has done some sort of video work (but she wouldn't go into detail). She's a lot of fun on the Sybian, and very cute as well! If you like cute girls in glasses, you have to watch this video. When Nady tries out one of the insertion attachments on the Sybian. This little device rotates, and hits her g-spot. We had to stop a couple of times because she thought she was going to lose it! She has a gorgeous smile, and a beautiful face when she finally cums towards the end. Check out this sexy Indian girl as she loses her modesty.

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