Taboo Tales Volume 16

Publicado en: 11 de diciembre de 2011 por Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Happy Ending Handjob Caroline Pierce and Rachel Steele work as massage therapists in a hotel. They begin a massage on a man who is very stressed out. The women work him over and find that he is going to need more than a massage to release his tension. They turn him over on his back and oil up his cock. Rachel unbuttons her uniform to reveal her huge tits for him to suck on. Caroline strokes his cock, twisting the head to work up his build up. They stroke him together. Rachel occasionally sucks his cock. Before long, Rachel removes her uniform and allows him to feel her body. Caroline jerks him. The man is slowly relaxing to where they want him to be. Rachel looks at her watch and sees it's time to end the massage. Both women jerk him to orgasm. He shoots a huge load into Rachel's hands that she lets drip onto Caroline's hand. They show the man all the stress he had and recommend another massage tomorrow. Scene 2, 3 - Rachel's Revenge Rachel's best friend Orabella had been spreading rumors about her. Rachel found out and plotted her revenge. She told Orabella's ex husband to come over to help, because she hated her ex. Rachel confronted Orabella, and she denied it. Her ex walked into the room laughing at her. Rachel told Orabella she was to suck him off. Orabella tried to walk out, but Rachel pushed her down. Frankie told her to get on her knees and suck his cock. She never did when they were married. Rachel called her a whore. She grabbed Orabella's hair and pushed her head down on his cock. They made her choke on it and spit on it calling her names and laughing at her. Rachel lifted her slut skirt up and slapped her whore ass. Frankie put her on her back and spread her legs open; he slid his cock in her slut pussy. Rachel sat at her head and pinched her nipples. Frankie told Orabella to suck on Rachel's tits. He fucked her doggy while she pleased Rachel. Frankie made Orabella suck her pussy juice off him some more while Rachel pushed on her head. Frankie fucked her some more then Rachel held Orabella's head for nick to blow his load in her mouth and all over her face. Rachel laughed and told Orabella to leave with cum on her face and no shirt on. Frankie and Rachel were satisfied.

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