Taboo Tales Volume 46

Publicado en: 4 de julio de 2013 por Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mom, This is Important! Rachel regularly provides oral relief to her son prior to his big sports events he participates in at school. But she is away on a business trip and cannot perform this duty. This is his most important game of the year as talent scouts will be there. The son calls her and pleads with her to do something about it. Rachel asks him to put his little sister Penny on the phone at which point Mom explains that she needs her to do a favor and suck off her brother. Penny is shocked and reluctant but eventually agrees. Rachel also explains that it is important to let him cum in her mouth and that she needs to show her brother the cum in her mouth before she swallows it. Rachel masturbates while talking dirty to her son on the phone. He blows his load in Penny's mouth and leaves for his game. He does great. A few days later Rachel returns from her trip and the son has another final game he is very nervous about winning. He asks mom if both could help relieve his tension. Rachel agrees and starts with her son first. Penny is called into the room to help. Rachel and daughter suck him together. Rachel instructs her daughter to fuck her son until he is ready to cum. She does so because she knows if he wins this game they will be financially set for life. The son cums all over mom and sister's face. They share the load in front of him. Now he is ready for the big game! Scene 2 - A Mother's Choice Rachel was completely devoted to her son and his possible football career. Her husband divorced her years ago due to her lack of attention to his needs. Rachel eventually remarried John. John worked long hours at construction and was away a lot so it worked out perfect for Rachel and her son. Rachel was at every practice and work out he had. She cooked huge meals for his growing body and catered to his every need. Steven her son, loved his mother and the attention. Rachel's husband had been promoted and his hours were less. He would come home to an empty house. Rachel's notes taped to the fridge, at Steven's game. John grew tired of his wife being so wrapped up in her grown son's life. One afternoon he called her to remind her of their dinner date. Rachel told him she could not go because of Steven's game. This was the most important one, talent scouts would be there. John hung up on her. He was furious. Steven heard the conversation and he knew her marriage was in trouble because of him. Steven secretly wanted it to fail. He wanted her all to himself. Steven knew he would never disappoint his mother. He knew also what he could do for her sexually. Rachel had no idea. John came home from work expecting a hot meal. Rachel had not expected him for dinner and gave Steven the leftovers. John was furious; he packed a bag and left her. Rachel pleaded with him but he said she chose Steven over the needs of her husband. The following day Rachel sat Steven down to tell him the sad news. Steven confessed he never cared for the way John treated his mom and he was glad he left. Rachel was worried about how she would manage. She began to go on a few dates but was disappointed every time. She came home from a lunch date and was in tears. The man was an animal. He tried to tear her blouse off and have his way with her. Rachel told Steven the story and he consoled her gently taking her in his strong arms. Rachel hugged him and gave him a soft loving kiss in the cheek. Steven pulled her closer. Rachel felt safe and loved. Steven loved her so much this was his opportunity to show her exactly how much. He carefully leaned her against the counter and started to kiss her on the lips. Rachel thought it was nothing until his hands began to move down her waist to her ass. She grabbed his hand and pulled her head back. Steven looked into her eyes and kissed her again, this time open mouth. Rachel tried to talk but she felt the love too. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as Steven opened her torn blouse and took her breasts into his mouth. Rachel quivered. She grabbed his arms, pulling him in tight. He lifted her on to the counter and opened her legs. Rachel arched her back and moaned. Steven slid his fingers deep inside her soaking wet pussy and kissed her passionately. Rachel was all his now. She had not had this from any other man before and because this was her son she knew it was real. They both became instant lovers. Steven took her to the bedroom and laid her down. He licked her sweet pussy to orgasm. Rachel saw his naked body and took his cock into her mouth. She got in a 69 position and sucked her son until he came in her mouth. She sat up and opened up to show him how much she loved him. Then she let his juice drip on to her breasts. Steven watched her both of them locked eyes. He pulled her close holding her tight. Rachel soon smiled and sighed. She was truly happy and never felt more in love.

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