Taboo Tales Volume 47

Publicado en: 18 de septiembre de 2012 por Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Mommie's Leather Punishment Gloves (POV) Mommie walks into the room in her sexy high heels and short leather skirt. She sits on the couch and asks, son did you get Mommie a present? There is a gift bag next to her she picks up the bag and looks inside. She is happy to see that son bought her the black leather gloves she asked for. She smiles and thanks him telling him how much Mommie loves wearing leather and she knows know how much he loves seeing her in leather! Mommie knows about his fetish of smoking while wearing leather gloves so she lights a cigarette and starts to smoke to tease him. She looks in the bag for the other presents she asked for but is disappointed and angry. Where are the other presents Mommie asked for? I asked you to get me some slutty lingerie and a new dildo! Where are they? What do you mean sons should not buy their Mommie lingerie and sex toys! It is my birthday today so Mommies should get whatever they want from their sons! It is a son's job to please their Mommies on their birthday! She needed the new lingerie to wear when fucking his friends. Mommie uncrosses her legs to show her panties off to her son as she yells at him for needing new ones. She feels she is too soft with him and has had enough; it is time to punish him for displeasing her. Mommies sexual needs come before everything else. Mommie is a highly sexed woman and he should be doing everything he can to please her sexually! Mommie wants him thinking of her cunt all day long. The real reason she asked for sexy gloves is because they are going to be Mommie's punishment gloves! When he does not do as Mommie says she will put them on and punish his little sissy cock for disobeying. Mommie pulls down his jeans and gets his cock out. She starts to stroke it slowly to tease him and blows her smoke on it. As she does she verbally berates him. Poor sissy boy. Is Mommie's boy still a virgin? None of the girls will fuck this little cock because it is too small for them son? She threatens more cruel gloved punishment if he cum on her gloves. Mommie tells him of the big black guy who used to beat him up after school. She tells him he will be coming over later to fuck mommie in front of him. After he cums in mommies pussy she will make him suck it out and swallow it. He is her jerk off cuckold boy. Mommie gets wet and excited and makes sure he cums on her gloves. She laughs wickedly knowing what his next punishment will be. Scene 2 - Birth Mother Sonny has found his birth mother after a long search and set out to meet her for the first time. Rachel gave him up for adoption because she was too young and her family refused to help her. A day did not go by without thinking of her son. She made sure the agency left him her information in case he ever wanted to find her. It was a shock when Rachel answered the door. A handsome young man dressed up in a starched white dress shirt stood before her. His eyes were green like Rachel's. He smiled and asked her her name. He told her he was her son. Rachel covered her face and gasped. He stepped in the door way to console her. Rachel thought he would be angry with her but he asked for a hug. She was thrilled he had found her and grabbed him tight. He was big and strong and so handsome. He called her by her first name and she told to call her mom. She hugged him again and then - after a moment's hesitation - gave him a kiss on the cheek. She invited him to sit while she fetched some cold drinks. Sonny could not help notice how sexy she was. He felt attracted to her sexually. Rachel never married or had any other offspring. She was devastated at what happened. She could not reach the glasses so Sonny offered to help. He reached around her pushing her into the counter. She felt his groin on her lower back. Rachel turned around to try to slip out of the awkward position she was in. Sonny stopped her and looked at her beautiful green eyes. He kissed her on the lips and pulled her in tight. Rachel did not know how to react and she let it happen. Sonny pulled back to apologize. Both of them felt strange. They talked about how they felt about each other. Sonny confessed it was hard to look at her as his mom. Rachel agreed that it was difficult to see him as her son. Sonny put his glass down and kissed her again. Rachel locked lips with her long lost son. They made their way to the table where he lay here down. Sonny lifted her skirt and slid her panties off. Rachel arched her back and waited for his hot tongue. She had not had sex in years. She did not feel worthy. Sonny made his mother cum hard. He fingered her in just the right way causing her to squirt all over his hand. Rachel sat up, her hair tasseled. She dropped to her knees ready for his cock. She looked him in the eyes as she opened her mouth and guided his cock in her mouth. He moaned out her name. They took it into the bedroom. Rachel sat on his face in a 69 position. He made her cum over and over. She wanted him to make love to her and he wanted that as well. The heat between them was incredible. He made love to his mother until he pulled out and shot the largest load he had ever done. Rachel begged for it as she sat up and opened her mouth to catch all of it. Both of them were breathless, Rachel asked him to stay with her so they could start a new life. Sonny hugged her tight and told her they would never be apart again.

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