TBC 272 - The Tickle Channel 15

Publicado en: 28 de diciembre de 2010 por David Mack Video Productions
1. Crystal Frost spread wide, gagged, teased and tickled with feathers. 2. Crystal Frost squirms as her clit and pussy is teased and tickled with feathers. 3. Sexy Amo Morbia is bound tight and tickled in her ribs, armpits and stomach. Watch her face when I tease her nipples. I'm going to have fun with her. 4. Amo Morbia's eyes are wide as I tie her nipples to her toes. I tease her with predicament tickling. I tickle her feet, making her pull and stretch her nipples. Drool pours from behind her gag as she screams. 5. I tape vibrators to Amo Morbia's super ticklish feet and turn them on. She screams but she tries not to thrash. Her toes are still tied to her nipples! Every pull makes the nipple nooses tighter, making it more agonizing to remove. When I do remove them, I use a vibrator to make her orgasm even while her feet are tickled by the vibrators taped to her soles. 6. Rachael Lynn is bound in rope and tickled hard. I start on her feet and move to her ribs. I also find her butt is really, really ticklish. I love a screamer. I love her squirming on my lap too.

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