The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 376

Publicado en: 22 de marzo de 2013 por Ed Powers Productions
What makes being a Dirty Debutante is either being the talents first time on camera debut performing something for the first time. For the traditional Dirty Debutantes Series Ed Powers introduces the new inductees of this volume, 376. Ed started his comeback by shooting scenes in 2009. 2010 he recorded Esmi Lee, who is 19 and Middle Eastern not Latin. This was her first creampie and older man on camera. Recently Daisy Daniels he filmed and this is her first anal creampie. Tess Morgan is next and she's 18. Then Sinn Dee AKA Emily Austin gets filmed for her first older man, first anal and first creampie. She's 23 and married. Then a Bonus scene with brunette Abigail Rose who is 19 and this first blowjob on camera.

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Abigail Rose