The All New Dirty Debutantes Volume 377

Publicado en: 19 de abril de 2013 por Ed Powers Productions
This volume is like a time machine sharing with you scenes from past and present. Two scenes are from early in 2010, months before I got really serious about picking up a camera again. I shot AJ Estrada in one of her first scenes in which she ventures into something new with me and also Nikki Daniels in an early performance. These are both very hot scenes! Recently I had the pleasure to induct two brand new Dirty Debutantes making an on camera debut with me. Lovely Savannah Lee explores her first anal and cream pie. Adorable Callie experienced her first time on camera and shows off a cream pie too. Just when I thought the prior volume was going to be my favorite along comes 377 and this one now tops my list. I wonder what you will think ... In any case I know you will enjoy!

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Ed Powers, Callie

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Ed Powers