The Amber Pixie Wells Stories 2

Publicado en: 16 de septiembre de 2010 por Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Pixie lights up the screen as Chelsea warms her behind in 3 stories, beginning with Short Shorts, in which Pixie wears obscenely short shorts to wash her car out in the front yard. When Chelsea catches her "posing" for the young man across the street, there's heck to pay for poor Pixie. In Bad At The Ballet, Chelsea takes Pixie to a ballet performance and then introduces her to the prima ballerina afterward. Pixie proceeds to insult the prima concerning her weight and size. Imagine Chelsea's horror! Imagine Pixie's behind moments after the two ladies arrive home. Then, in Pixie's Peak Experience and an outdoor setting (on Chelsea's favorite hiking trail) Pixie whines and complains her way over Chelsea's knee for a spanking on the hilltop!

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