The Francesca Le Stories

Publicado en: 12 de enero de 2011 por Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
In **Parent-Teacher Conference**, Ms. Pfeiffer, called Mrs. Le in for a talk concerning the trouble with little boy Le. Francesca's eight year old has been getting bad grades and acting up in class. It seems the neglectful mom is to blame and so much so that Ms. Pfeiffer felt compelled to act in an unusually strict manner to help the little guy out. Francesca was hired to model Chelsea's exclusive line of lingerie for gentlemen purchasers in Chelsea's high-end lingerie boutique. But, when a customer arrives and picks out an ensemble, Francesca is suddenly **The Shy Lingerie Model** once she's dressed and won't come out and model. This is bad business for Chelsea and bad news for Francesca's behind!

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